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††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††| Anthony Udengwu |††

The purpose of this work is to analyze how, through Christ, one can receive, not only bodily, but also, spiritual, emotional, economic, intellectual, social, and political healing, rejuvenation, freedom, breakthrough, and triumph; in the process, effort will be optimized towards showing how the, sometimes, fragmented human components can be de-fragmented for optimal performance. Since the various components of the human person, namely, the spiritual, material (bodily), emotional, economic, intellectual, social, and political, are naturally inter-related and inter-connected, it seems right to say that when one component is affected, others are affected, too; this explains why integral healing is a desideratum for happy and sustainable earthly life in anticipation of the heavenly. †††††††††††††

Already achieved in an objective manner by Christ via His paschal mystery (that is, His life, death, and resurrection), integral healing only needs to be subjectively appreciated, appropriated, and sustained by the human person, to the glory of God; and, that is the hub of the good news being shared here---the good news that urges and supports our unalloyed and unquantifiable conviction that Godís abundant blessings of wholeness, integral wellness, and holistic emancipation and salvation are right at our doorsteps now, than ever before. The yokes and unjust fetters of sin, shame, degradation, slavery, injustice, oppression, frustration, disappointment, fear of the unknown, unnecessary poverty, emotional break-down, and sickness of all kinds which used to bewitch and enslave the human person have been undone by Christ objectively (cf. 1 John 3:8); they only need to be undone subjectively; and itís you and I whoíll do it. Ability to convince oneself as to why these yokes and unjust fetters (our albatrosses) must be done away with subjectively is as important as committing oneself towards understanding how they entangle us, and how they can be undone. The processes involved in undoing these yokes and fetters are presented in this discourse, though, not without, first of all, making the necessary connection.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††Making the Necessary Connection


It is necessary to make the connection that all good things (that is, tangible and intangible) come from God by virtue of His immanent and transcendental omnipotence. He makes them available to human beings either directly (that is, unaided by instrumental causality) or indirectly (that is, through some instrumental causality). In addition to creation ex nihilo (that is, out of nothing) by which He has brought all things into being unaided, God has continued to endow humanity in particular and creation in general with the gift of dawn, dusk, rainfall, sunshine, snowfall, and other evident natural blessings; these, God does independent of any human or creaturely instrument.

On the other hand, God employs the services of instrumental causes in bringing about things He could have done unaided; by so doing, He benevolently shares His creative power and excellence with human subjects as a way of raising and enhancing their dignity. Thus, the human person is created to create, to cause things, but only as creatures or potential beings could. This creaturely creativeness and instrumental causality of the human person reached its apex when Christ emerged into human history---an intervention demonstrative of His salvific action as the Lamb of God that takes away the sin(s) of the world. Via this prime-time intervention of God in Christ, the impediment to human and creaturely wholeness, integral wellness, and holistic emancipation and actualization has been removed. In Christ, God the Father has ďdelivered us from the dominion of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sinsĒ (Colossians 1:13-14); He has destroyed all the obstacles to human optimization of gratuitous potentials, advancement, and excellence; He leaves humanity with subjective discovery, subjugation, and optimization of incalculable earthly benefices (though, not without support). Just as there is ďnow no condemnation for those who are in Christ JesusĒ (Romans 8:1), there is, also, no limit to what the human mind can know, understand, discover, fathom, and achieve. This explains why technological advancement currently seems to have been let loose, and has not reached its zenith yet; this explains why new technologies, almost on a daily basis, flood the marketplace.

It is common knowledge that one to whom much is given, much is also expected from him or her! This explains why maturity, comeliness, humility, and right reasoning should urge the intuition and understanding that technologies [that is, computer hardware and software products, telecommunication services, internet services, and multimedia components (that is, though not limited to: multimedia hardware [that is, television, computers, CD-ROMs, DVDs (that is, DVD-ROM (once written to, cannot be erased), DVD-R (recordable disc---can be written to, but only once), DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, and DVDIRW (rewritable discs---can be written to, as many times as possible), sound boards, video boards, digital cameras, and speakers)] and multimedia software (that is, authoring, image, video, sound editing, and digital animation)]---all these should never seem to have been let loose as instruments for opposing God/Christ their Author and Finisher (cf. Hebrews 12:2). If this point is well taken, then accruing and accompanying credit and appreciation should always go to God/Christ, particularly with technologies understood indisputably as ways and means of achieving human and creaturely wholeness and integral wellness, as well as bringing humanity closer to Him, rather than the opposite. The mission of instrumental or dependent causes may, for now, not be explained any better than this.

Ability or inability of instrumental or dependent causes to carry out this mission, no doubt, adds nothing to or removes nothing from the essence of God. But, cooperation with Him facilitates human and creaturely blessedness. This cooperation requires a disposition and docility (a faith-filled spiritual action) of the individual to Godís intervening action via the human spirit understood as the purest and most proximate likeness to God of all other human faculties. Through such docility and belief in God (which, of themselves, come by grace, but, should be received as often as, and, according to the measure by which theyíre given), He connects to our wave-length, and we connect to His through our spirit (that is, the human spirit). When, by His grace, we connect to Him through our spirit (that is, in prayer), God reaches out to these other spheres of our being (that is, the material (bodily), emotional, economic, intellectual, social, and political). He enables this connection in order to do in/on/with them whatever we ask of Him (not as though Heís dependent on us for action or non-action). By so doing, God establishes in and among them unity in multiplicity (diversity), depolarized cohesion, synthesis, integral wholeness, making them one, unified, and multiple unity. This connection is achieved faster when we believe in Him and in His Son Jesus Christ, and are led by His Spirit into living holy lives. But, when our spirit fails to connect to Godís Spirit, or weíre not disposed enough (maybe, due to sin or distractions or disbelief or doubt) to allow Godís Spirit to connect to our spirit, the result would normally be the fragmentation of our whole components, namely, the material (bodily), emotional, economic, intellectual, social, and political; thus, the whole human personality gets shattered. And, when things fall apart, the center cannot hold!

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Fragmented Human Components


One basic truth is that the greater the fragmentation of these different components of our being (that is, the spiritual, bodily, emotional, economic, intellectual, social, and political), the greater the incoherence and incongruity, the more intense our vulnerability. Any attack of the devil or his allies can easily affect anyone whose personality is fragmented. Human personality gets disjointed when its componential desires and interests run counter to each other; it results in split personality; worst case scenario emerges when the other componential desires run counter to the needs or desires of the human spirit, urging its disobedience to God. If the spirit yields, then a more dangerous split, a detachment from God, results; such a scenario normally makes the human person very pitiably vulnerable.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Devil crosses: How they get into human beings


The enemy, the devil, would normally cash in during such delicate times of fragmentation, disharmony, disunity, and vulnerability; he would normally launch his attacks against such split personality, detached, as it were, from God. He normally sends these attacks through the instrumentality of spiritual and human agents of darkness. Here, itís necessary to note that while the spiritual agents of darkness are demons, the human agents of darkness are human beings like you and me (children inclusive). Through such agents, these attacks are sent into human bodies in the form of devil crosses. Itís strange actually to hear that thereíre crosses associated with the devil. But, itís true thereíre. These devil crosses are spiritual, but real, active, and destructive marks or signs represented differently from and in contradiction to Godís/Jesusí cross. Click here to see how devil crosses look like, where they could be located on the human body when theyíre sent, what each one does, how they can be removed from the human body, and how one can be protected from them and their accompanying pains.

From the interview I conducted with people who once belonged to the evil spirit group, I observed that these crosses are normally grafted into different parts of the human body, namely, the hind-head, forehead, centre of the head, the two eyes, the two ears, the nose, the mouth, the neck, the shoulder, the upper arm, the palms of the hand, the fingers, the chest, the upper back, the lower back, the stomach, the hip, the ankle, the knees, the toes, etc. Though those crosses of the devil are spiritual, theyíre, I repeat, real, active, and destructive. While Godís or Jesusí crosses are just the normal cross that you know, devil crosses are different. The point is not just that theyíre different from Jesusí or Godís cross; rather, itís that theyíre instruments of destruction and killing (Iím emphasizing this point because of the heinous nature and character of these devil crosses). Mentioning the devil here does not mean Iím giving him glory; neither does it mean Iím making him important. Far from all that! Iím, rather, x-raying and exposing his secret and heinous activities because it pains me that Godís people, fellow human beings are suffering at his hands and those of his allies relative to problems that are avertable and surmountable. Iím emphasizing the devilís atrocious activities because I want everyone that has an ear to hear, everyone who wants to understand, and everyone who wants to keep healthy, to be aware of issues detrimental to human earthly existence and happy living. Making this information available, one might think, would enable people to be reasonably prudent or careful about the way they live their lives, to the dejection and ignominy of the devil, as well as to the glory of God. Essentially, learning about the horrific nature of devil crosses would, supposedly, make us sit up, not allowing them to get into us. If, for whatever reason, they get into us, then we make effort to get them off in good time before they destroy any vital bodily organ/system.

Here, I make a distinction between the dual functions of the devil cross: For those who belong to the evil spirit group (for thereíre people---some of whom we know---who actually belong to this repulsive group), devil cross is used as instrument of war against people they want to harm or initiate into their group. Because such crosses are on various parts of their bodies (as I explained above) they emit them into the air (even from a distance), targeting various areas of other peopleís bodies; sometimes, when they shake hands with them, they transfer these crosses from their fingers or the palms of their hands into their victims bodies; they do that to initiate such victims into their group(s) or to cause them pains/sicknesses. But, some of them have been warned not to shake hands with serious believers in Christ so that the fire of Godís Spirit may not burn off those crosses theyíve on them. They distinguish children of God from others (that is, nominal Christians or those who donít follow Christ at all) by the sign of Jesusí cross on the formerís foreheads; this sign is unnoticeable to other Christians or the one who bears it; but, itís noticeable to the human agents of the devil. When these true believers in Christ apply their strong weapons of prayer, when they pray more effectively, in Godís cause, meaning to demolish fortresses, sophistries, and undo the works of the devil or his allies, they destroy their powers, as well as the proud obstacles raised against the children of God, being ready, as it were, to give their obedience to God in order to punish any disobedience (cf. 2 Cor. 10:4-6); for such exploits as these, children of God are marked dangerous and wicked, and are scared of because of the fire of the Holy Spirit exuding from them. However, these agents of the devil attack them from a distance, or watch closely to see if, for a single moment, they could dabble into sin in order to deal ruthlessly with them.

Those who donít belong to the devilís group normally have these crosses sent into their bodies by devilís agents, in the form of attacks; through such attacks, their bodies ache with pains and sicknesses. For instance, if the attack (that is, devil cross) is on the head, then, itís felt as headache; if itís on the chest area, then, the pain is felt right there, and, sometimes, piercing right to the back area. If the attack is on the hand, the knee, the fingers, or the joints, etc., then, the pain is felt there.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† De-fragmentation


Whatever name(s) doctors or people call such pains on the knee or the finger or the wrist or related body part---for Iíve heard/seen people say theyíre suffering from arthritis because of such pains, and so, were wearing silvery bangles (or whatever) on their wrists---the desideratum for healing is: individual and collective de-fragmentation of body components (that is, the spiritual, material (bodily), emotional, economic, political, social, and intellectual spheres). The word, ďde-fragmentationĒ, is, according to Merriam-Websterís Collegiate Dictionary (2003), a noun form of the 1985 verb, ďde-fragmentĒ, which means, ďto reorganize separated fragments (that is, fallen to pieces) of related data (that is, information that can be processed) on a computer disk into a contiguous arrangementĒ (p. 327) ---an arrangement by which these data could be having actual contact with each other. Let me give a little explanation about de-fragmentation, using the computer: Your computer (Desktop or Laptop) is bound to start running slowly and, perhaps, become vulnerable to attacks from viruses when your computer drive or disk gets fragmented (that is, fallen to pieces that its magnetic performance is impaired). To get this drive or disk de-fragmented, people would normally run pre-installed software materials on their computers or laptops; these software materials are called Disk clean-up and Disk Defragmenter. Disk clean-up is used to remove from the computer data (files) that are not needed. Disk Defragmenter is turned on to de-fragment a computer drive or disk after removing unwanted data (files) from the computer, using the disk clean-up. Itís this same phenomenon, this process that Iím explaining here relative to human life, health, and living.

In Christian spiritual life, this de-fragmentation---a necessary and indispensable phenomenon for human life, health, and living---is akin to a return to Origin (God); and, itís achieved through, but not limited to: confessing of oneís sins (as the primary curative measure) and prayer (the type described below), as the second curative measure, which follows from the first.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Testimonies


Testimonies abound concerning people who had pains in such areas as the chest, the head, the hand (wrists or upper arm), the fingers, the leg, the knee, the back (lower or upper back), or other parts of the body, who were healed by God through prayer (that is, the formats given below or other forms of prayer) or confession (out of true sorrow for sin and a resolve not to sin again, for Christís sake), or both. I can tell you, I do such prayer for/on myself and others. I can tell you, God has been working mightily through those forms of intervention. I can tell you, I hardly get sick, because Jesus Christ is living in me in addition to Godís hand being ever laid on me (cf. Psalm 139:5; Ephesians 1:13). Remember: Iím not boasting; Iím only giving God glory for what Heís doing in, for, and through me, and which He, also, does or could do in, for, and through you). God, sometimes, allows me to experience some of these attacks in order to be aware of what other people are going through; and, He has shown me what to do in order to get such pains off my body, as well as how to prevent them from afflicting me. Thereís no one who would promise Christís believers, notwithstanding their holiness of life, that some of these attacks cannot come on them, one way or the other. God may allow His elect to experience these attacks to make them not to trust in themselves (cf. 2 Cor. 1:8-9) ďbut in God, who raises the deadĒ (2 Cor. 1:9), as well as to enable them to experience what others are suffering; such experience is meant to enable them (that is, Godís elect) to help or strengthen their brothers and sisters, fellow human beings who experience the same or similar afflictions, using the help that theyíve received from God (cf. Lk. 22:31-32; 2 Cor. 1:4); and that is exactly what Iím doing in this reflection.

However, even though God allows His people to be affected by these attacks, He does not allow them to be tempted beyond their strength to endure; He does not allow those afflictions to penetrate dangerously into their body parts. He only allows enough impact, I repeat, to let His people be aware of what is happening in the world, and then, be able to alert others for their safety, just as Iím doing now. In my own case, whenever God permits (observe that I said, ďpermitsĒ, and not, ďsendsĒ, for God never sends any attack) that I experience some of these attacks, He normally supports me with two tested and proven therapeutic measures, namely: prayer and confession - and, by His grace, I make effort not to sin; talking of confession, let it be made clear that everyone needs it until we reach heaven (whether or not weíve committed any sin); each person needs regular cleansing and infilling of God: For our edification, St. Paul said: ďNot that I have already obtained this (that is, resurrection from the dead), or already have been made perfect, but I press on hoping that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has laid hold of me. Brethren, I do not consider that I have laid hold of it already. But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind, I strain forward to what is before (that is, ahead). I press on towards the goal, to the prize of Godís heavenly call in Christ JesusĒ (Philippians 3:12-14). As St. Paul did, so I try to do. You, perhaps, do or could do better than me. The truth, however, is that you and I have decided to follow Jesus Christ with greater and renewable conviction and commitment - and this type of determination is expressible in the following song: -

Chorus:†† Iíve decided to follow Jesus

††††††††††††††† Iíve decided to follow Jesus

††††††††††††††† Iíve decided to follow Jesus

††††††††††††††† No turning back, no going back!


Verse:†††† Though none go with me,

††††††††††††††† Still, Iíll follow.

††††††††††††††† Though none go with me,

††††††††††††††† Still, Iíll follow.††††††††

††††††††††††††† Though none go with me,

††††††††††††††† Still, Iíll follow.

††††††††††††† ††No turning back, no going back!


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Devilís Attacks, and their Processes

Iím not blaming doctors for the names they, sometimes, ascribe to these sicknesses (attacks). The point is that they neither know nor understand the sources of these sicknesses/pains (attacks). For instance, when people die sleeping or walking about, autopsy would normally attribute such death to heart-attack. Really, such death is, most likely, caused by heart-attack. The point being made here is that doctors donít know who (notice that Iím here talking of ďwhoĒ, and not ďwhatĒ) has attacked that heart. Iím, here, saying itís the spiritual and human agents (allies) of the devil that are, mainly, responsible for such attacks. At the same time, Iím not suggesting to you that this fortune-teller or the other one is terrorizing you, neither am I asking you to start suspecting your neighbors or everyone around you. Far from all this! People who perpetrate these crimes, sometimes, are the least suspected; and they can be found among children, as well as adults. Children from six (6) years of age and above (though, not all of them) are the worst suspects. Because of their tender, young, and inexperienced minds, children can be easily initiated into these evil spirit groups even in much younger age, and once they reach the age of knowing how to do or not to do things, then, these evil groups would influencing them, luring them into sending these attacks without knowing actually what theyíre doing or its implications. A 9-year old girl told her beloved mother and I that she was the one who caused her asthma sickness; and her friend [same age, and in the same class of elementary three (3)] told us (that is, this woman and I) that she was responsible for intensifying the same asthma sickness. Another child (a 9-year old girl) confessed (not sacramentally) that she was the one who caused her lovely mother to lose her child at delivery (she couldnít deliver that child), as well as obstructed her from getting pregnant (and this woman has not given birth to any other child since the last onslaught); all these this little girl did through her evil spirit power. A 10-year old girl told me she makes her parents get drunk (of course, using the evil spirit power that is on her body).

It was from a 7-year old girl who belonged to the evil spirit group that I got the concept of devil cross. Original copy of devil crosses I drew here was drawn by this same little girl. She told me how that group uses the devil cross called S. Prodder (click here to see it identified as no. 16 in the list of devil crosses) in killing people. According to her, the S. Prodder is passed through the ear(s), the veins, arteries, and down to the heart, and then, freeze it. When such happens, unassuming doctors would then attribute it to heart attack; and theyíre correct, because the heart has actually been attacked. But, like I said above, they (doctors) are ignorant of who has attacked the said heart. Be that as it may, a big question is: Why is there such ocean of evils in the world?

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Maintaining the Connection and Breaking the Yokes


Iím neither offering any definitive answer as to why thereís such ocean of evils in the world, nor am I denigrating the medical industry. Jesus suffices as both the definitive response to (in the sense of dealing with) the question of evils, as well as the wisdom of doctors in aiding human health conditions in general. Greater success both in arresting such magnitude of evils and achieving optimal health conditions could emerge when, relying on Christ, weíre able to resist the devil and his allies, as well as forestall some of their attacks in order to give doctors less jobs. Doing this would mean developing an attitude supportive of maintaining the connection between God and our spirits, as well as other dimensions of our being. This connection is maintained and sustained, like I said above, by living a life of holiness (a life devoid of sin), listening to Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ occupies our hearts and other areas of our bodies, then, these enemies can no more attack us dangerously. The reason is because when Jesus lives in our hearts, He unifies our entire beings, forming cohesion. Any prayer offered to God under such situation is definitely answered by Him. He hears us because we pray persistently in faith and holiness. We pray until something happens; itís this type of prayer that Iím, here, enjoining anyone who hasnít started doing to, please, waste no further time; let him or her pray to God - the One in whom we live, move, and have our being; and Heís not far from anyone of us (cf. Acts 17:28). Please, pray! Pray, placing your hand on the afflicted portions of your body until the engrafted devilís marks causing those pains go away! Pray them off before they get worse or rupture any part of the body or vital organs, metamorphosing into cancer/tumors.

That the problem of cancer, for instance, has not yet been successfully arrested is linked to its spiritual (devilish) roots. Science might not agree with me, here; but Science doesnít and cannot know everything. This fact (which Iím explaining) is one of the mysteries science may not be able to unravel (not as though I do not want it to do so; the truth is that the method being adopted by science in attempting to arrest the problem of cancer is strange to its roots). Evidently, Christ, being our panacea, can enable us to arrest it, particularly, when it hasnít destroyed or ruptured any part or organs of the body. Remember, not all sicknesses result from spiritual (devilish) attacks; obviously, thereíre natural sicknesses or those resulting from unhealthy diets/habits, and which can acquiesce to medical treatment if theyíre discovered in good time. Each one is known by its fruits. The unnatural sicknesses and pains (typified by their peculiar fruits) belong to such crosses we do not have to carry. Theyíre neither Jesusí crosses nor ours; Jesus does not want us to carry them because theyíve come from the devil and his allies. In this connection, then, those pains belong to the unjust fetters and yokes which God is, in the book of prophet Isaiah, saying we should break (cf. Isaiah 58:6). When you pray as directed in this discourse, you break your own fetters and yokes; equally, you break those on whomsoever you minister. Iím just glad that those who wait on the Lord (that is, in ceaseless prayer, prayer of faith) shall renew or re-gain their strength (cf. Isaiah 40:31). Those who know their God shall stand and take action (cf. Daniel 11:32)! The challenge is one of prayer. There are different forms of prayer, like you know; the type Iíve described in this reflection is just one out of many; but, itís very effective.

We can, and must pray to God, ďand not lose heartĒ (Luke 18:1) for our spiritual, bodily, emotional, economic, intellectual, social, and political healing, rejuvenation, freedom, breakthrough, and triumph. Success in oneís genuine endeavors is highly dependent on effort not to yield to intimidations, depression, sinful/unhealthy life-styles, oppressive phenomena, and fear of the unknown. Step-by-step and resolute attempts support targets, and enable them to be easily and effectively reached. The more optimized such resolute efforts, the greater the facility, efficiency, and effectiveness of success, self-realization, self-actualization, self-efficacy, self-determination, personal and societal emancipation, growth, and development.

Godís children have the right to gain their just rights; in Jesusí name, theyíve the right to uproot and destroy obstacles to their success; in Jesusí name, theyíve the right to break all yokes and unjust fetters; theyíve the right to break the gates of brass, cut the bars of iron in sunder, and crack hard nuts, using ďGodís powerful weapons Ö to destroy strongholds Ö false arguments Ö pull down every proud obstacle that is raised against the knowledge of God Ö take every thought captive and make it obey ChristĒ (2 Corinthians 10:3-5); for the sake of Christ, God empowers them to make impossibilities possible.

††††††††††† Prayer: A Single most important factor for Breaking Yokes and Unjust Fetters


Jesusí words imply that unless one prays always, and most importantly, in a radically unrelenting way (cf. Luke 18:1-7), thereís every tendency to concede defeat to the ďenemy, the devil, (who) roams around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devourĒ (1 Peter 5:8), as well as his (that is, devilís) spiritual and human agents, or yield to problems, wants, temptations, sicknesses, dejection, frustration, depression, sinful habits - absolutely, things that Christ has nailed to the cross (cf. Colosians 2:14). I cannot imagine God denying His people the grace of persevering in prayer or failing to answer their prayers. If God is our Father, and He owns everything, then, by right, we own all that He owns. And if Christ owns everything of His Father (cf. Matt. 11:27; 28:18), and Christians own them with Him, then, one wonders why we cannot, as co-heirs (with Christ) of the Father, maximize ownership of everything, pick and choose, and establish lasting order in the world. If Godís people are to judge the world as well as the angels (cf. 1 Corinthians 6:2-3), then, I think they better start it now. If ďthey who know their God shall stand and take actionĒ (Daniel 11:32), then, I think Godís people are wasting too much time in identifying, pursuing, and appropriating their just rights. Our just rights are those things we should have by right. They include, but are not limited to: good health, peace (individual and collective), and joy, as well as spiritual, material (bodily), emotional, economic, social, political, and intellectual progress, cum freedom from intimidation, exploitation, and oppression. And, God is ready to give justice to His people who call on Him day and night as Jesus has promised: ďI promise: He will give justice to them, and do so quicklyĒ (Luke 18:7). God will give them to us if, like Iíve said, we identify, pursue, and appropriate them in prayer; Heís waiting to see us show we need our just rights. Here, delay is as dangerous as failure or inexactness. Message from the book of Exodus rings the same tone: If we stop praying (for whatever reason), or become too occupied with events (hilarious or sour) that we donít remember to or canít pray, and, most importantly, canít pray the proper way, then, weíre bound to lose our birthrights; we might even be defeated, not by imaginary, but real enemies (cf. Exodus 17:8-13). Click here to see how you can pray, for your prayers to be answered by God.

During His life on earth, Jesus taught His disciples how to pray (cf. Our Lordís Prayer (cf. Lk. 11:1; Matt. 6:9-15), thus, presenting prayer as a lived experience that cannot be done without - an experience achievable via total submission of heart, mind, body, spirit, emotions, intellect, will, and indeed, the whole person, as well as events, circumstances, the environment, and the whole created order, to God. Scripture is replete with Jesus praying both in good times (cf. Matt. 11:25-26) and in bad (cf. Matt. 26:36-46; 27:46; Mk. 15:34; Lk. 23:46); He also prayed for Himself (cf. Matt. 26:43) and for others (cf. Lk. 23:34), and commanded that we pray always in order not to enter into temptation (cf. Matt. 26:41). In that passage of scripture, He was only issuing a wake-up call, not wanting anyone to fall prey to the machinations, destructive tendencies, and burning dart of either the devil or his spiritual and/or human agents (cf. Jn.10:10). As always, His warning signal is one that must urgently be responded to via ceaseless prayer. Heís not seeking our opinion as to whether or not weíd like to pray or when weíd prefer to do so. He commands us to pray, and to do so, now, constantly. Why? The reason is obvious: Times are hard, and much harder than they were in His days. Our generation, our world seems more challenging than His (that is, during His earthly life)! Too bad, the devil and his demons have continued to use our fellow human beings to wage war against us even in the most unsuspecting manner! For your own safety, read Chapter Eleven of the Book: THE MIND OF CHRIST: In a Challenging World, learn more about these attacks, and how they come! Iím, here, not pressuring you to buy this book if you think you donít need it. Iím, rather, furnishing you with necessary and helpful information for you to stand your ground against these forces of darkness, fight the sicknesses they normally inflict on you and/or unassuming people, and by Godís grace, get protected from their attacks. Your happier and healthier living is my concern. You may borrow the Book in question from whoever has it, and read, until you feel like having your own.

Holy Hands must be Raised and Supported in Prayer: Eucharistic Celebration Ė as Prayer


Mosesí action of raising his two arms (cf. Exodus 17:11) to the defeat of the Amalekites (cf. Exodus 17:13) only foreshadowed Jesusí death on the cross, a death by which He accorded salvation and victory to His believers. His hands nailed to the cross only show His eternal act of intercession to the Father on behalf of His beloved people and the whole world.

The joint-action of Aaron and Hur in supporting Mosesí arms to the utter defeat of their enemies (cf. Exodus 17:13) is, in the present dispensation, replicated diversely by manifold attenuating phenomena: At Jesusí crucifixion, God allowed the nails to hold His hands to the outright defeat of His enemies (cf. Colossians 2:14-15). Equally, when priests of the new covenant raise Jesusí Body and Blood on the altar of sacrifice (at Mass), Christ reminds the Father of His sacrificial and intercessory death for you and I; Jesus, at the same time, continues and actuates His victorious conquest over His enemies; His peopleís liberation is re-enacted and renewed, for a prosperous and happy earthly life supportive and anticipatory of eternal life. Here lies the hub of our Eucharistic celebration! When we celebrate the Eucharist, Christís Paschal Mystery - His death, resurrection, and ascension - is celebrated. In this celebration, priests do not only raise Jesusí hands, but also, His whole Paschal-Mystical-Being; they raise and lift Him high to the glory of the Father, sanctification, and salvation of His people, as well as the defeat of His enemies; and these defeated enemies which include, but not limited to: death, the devil, demons, evils spirits, human agents of darkness, are our enemies as well. And Jesus, by implication, says: Continue this defeat, this humiliation of the devil and his allies, ceaselessly, ďin remembrance of meĒ (Luke 22:19).

Complementary with Eucharistic celebration as an aspect of prayer is the more personal/private devotional effort of prayer. In this connection, when Jesus says, pray continually, He means time-by-time and day-by-day offering of prayer from within oneís heart. To understand this phenomenon well, you may refer to Chapter Eleven of the Book: THE MIND OF CHRIST: In a Challenging World.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Practical Steps for Breaking Unjust Fetters and Yokes

Helpful Hints:

  • Believe in God the Father, and in His Son Jesus Christ; also, learn to practice sinless life, for His sake.
  • If youíve sinned against God directly (that is, by breaking the first three (3) Commandments, or committing related faults), or indirectly (that is, by sinning against fellow human beings, through, but not limited to, breaking any of fourth to tenth Commandments of God), then, ask Him for forgiveness whether youíre Christian or not.
  • If youíre Catholic, or youíre not, but you believe God can forgive your sins as He forgives Catholics through auricular confession, then, meet the priest for that. Or, as Catholic you feel you cannot, in the interim, avail yourself of the opportunity of auricular confession, then, ask God for forgiveness; remember to meet the priest for confession when youíre opportune to do so.
  • Resolve not to sin again for Christís sake.
  • The truth is that the less you have sin in your life, the faster the healing, and the greater the protection.
  • Then, itís up to you to choose between taking the risk of carrying sicknesses that could lead to death on your body, and asking and receiving forgiveness and healing from God/Christ (Remember, Iím not frightening you with death, but, itís just true that these sicknesses (as enumerated above) easily lead to death if theyíre not prayed away from the body).
  • Believe that God is on top of this world; and from there, He places His hand on you, ceaselessly; for the bible says of Him: ďYour hand ever laid on meĒ (Psalm 139:5).
  • Believe, also, that Jesus Christ is living in your heart (cf. Ephesians 3:17).
  • Always have your mind fixed on Him as you remember His death and resurrection.


†††††††† First Format

†††††††† Confession (Recommended)

  • Before you get to the priest, do thorough examination of conscience, searching your heart and mind for the sins (of omission or commission) youíve committed, and which youíve never confessed since you reached the age of reason. Donít hide any sin.
  • In the process, recite the Commandments of God, to fish out your faults.
  • Fish out other little faults you might have committed.
  • Gather up your sins, and be truly sorry for them.
  • Promise God, and resolve youíll not commit those sins again.
  • Then, meet the priest for auricular confession.
  • Confess those sins thoroughly (that is, one after the other and, in depth).
  • As you do the confession, resolve not to commit those sins again.
  • As the priest is saying the prayer of absolution on you, in faith, see Godís strong, long, and holy hand on your head, running through your whole being (particularly, those aching portions), raking away those pains and sicknesses bewitching you Ė all, for your cleansing and healing. No evil power, no devil cross or pain remains as Godís hand runs through your being. Let me tell you a big secret: If you do not believe convincingly that Godís strong hand placed on that your aching or sore body part is there and then (not tomorrow) removing the said pain (notwithstanding its location), that pain may not go away (cf. Mark 11:22-23). I know, and am convinced that it goes when these steps are followed; thatís why Iím being emphatic on this issue.
  • After the confession, do your penance.
  • And youíre done.
  • Your healing begins, immediately!


††††††††† Second Format

††††††††† Prayer (1)

Also, because youíve believed in His Son Jesus Christ, God has placed His stamp of ownership on you (cf. Ephesians 1:13). True Believers in Christ have Godís hand placed on them always, and itís burning hot just like red-hot iron or charcoal. And by means of His hand placed on you, God chisels and burns away every attack of the enemy located on your body, as often as you let Him do so. For your healing, see this hand of God on the painful part(s) of your body in faith. In faith, let God burn off whatever evil power located there. As often as possibly, and (of course, in faith and in spirit), run (this) Godís hand through your whole body (from your head to your toe); and Heíd come down on you in power alongside His Son, for your rejuvenation, healing, and in-filling. If youíre praying for someone else, the process is the same, though, prudently: Connect God in faith and in spirit; and Heíd come down on you; and through your hand, Heíd touch and enter the affected portions of the body youíre placing your hand on, unblocking all blockages in the arteries and veins, burning away all pains located, perhaps, on the head, the chest, the heart, the lungs, the back, the arms, the knee, the kidney, the liver, the stomach, the bone areas, etc. In a short, but, faith-filled prayer, you ask Him to uproot and destroy all marks of the devil and/or his allies on those portions of the body. Then, end this prayer: In Jesusí name. When youíve ended the prayer, ask the person if those pains are still there; if theyíre still there, pray again until God places His strong and holy hand on those portions, and then, burn off all pains located there; those pains are not meant to be there; theyíre meant to be uprooted from the body. I repeat: the less one has sin in his or her life, the faster the healing.

††††††††† Second Format


††††††††† Prayer (2)

  • In faith (even without talking), ask God the Father/Christ, from within your heart (since Heís living there), to go over your whole body; have Him match through the inner and outer parts of your body. Itís up to you to choose whether or not to say it audibly; whichever way, remember, itís an essentially spiritual experience and encounter.
  • As you go on to pray, Heíll arise, also, in response to the words of prayer in Psalm 68:1: ďLet God arise, and let His enemies be scatteredĒ; God the Father/Jesus will move to touch wherever you want Him to touch and heal. Remember Jesusí words: ďBe as wise as serpentĒ (Matt. 10:16). Youíve to be wise enough to, in spirit, show Him around the sickly portions of your body (not as though He does not know, but He wants your cooperation), so that He can touch and heal them. Because He has taken His seat in your heart and whole being as Refiner and Purifier (Malachi 3:3), God the Father/Jesus will match round both the interior and exterior parts of your body unblocking all blockages in the arteries and veins, burning away all pains located on the head, the chest, the heart, the lungs, the back, the arms, the knee, the kidney, the liver, the stomach, the bone areas, etc., normally, caused by spiritual and human agents of darkness.
  • If such sickness is located right inside your stomach, then, quietly, conveniently, maturely, and gently make open all possible outlets (without letting anyone know what youíre doing) for God the Father/Christ to, more easily, remove it so that you donít suffer much pains as those evil powers search for exit points); Heíll force away from your inner systems the marks infused therein by these agents of darkness.
  • Immediately, youíll notice relief and healing.


†††††††† Third Format

†††††††† Proper Words of Prayer (3)

With your spirit focused on God who is on top of the world, say the following prayer (Öpray, using these emboldened words (those in brackets are only for your attention): -††††††††††††††††††††††††††

††††††††††††††††† Prayer for Removing Pains/Devil Crosses from the Human Body


  • God our Father, in the name of Jesus Christ your Son,
  • I ask you to place your holy, long, and strong hand,
  • From on top of the world where youíre reigning
  • Unto this area of my body (Öplacing your hand (the finger-

††††††††††† tips) exactly on the painful area of your body or the specific

††††††††††† area of your body where devil cross is located, such as,

††††††††††† the forehead, the hind-head, the eye(s), the ear,

††††††††††† the nose, the shoulder, the wrist, the palm of the hand,

††††††††††† the finger(s), the lower back, the upper back, the

††††††††††† chest, the stomach, the knee, the lap, the toe, etc.), one

††††††††††† after the other.

††††††††††† (At this, God places His strong hand (the finger-tips) there,††††

††††††††††and spiritually, effectively burns open the portion of

††††††††††† your body on which youíre placing your fingers

††††††††††† (exactly what the Panel beaterís or plastic welding Hot

††††††††††† Air Gun/Nozzle would do to create a hole on a pan or

††††††††††† a piece of metal, piercing it through).

  • And burn away every power of the devil or every

††††††††††† attack of the enemy located there,

  • In Jesusí name,
  • Amen.


After saying the above prayer as directed (that is, with intense faith application), then, check that portion of your body to see if the pain or the devil cross has gone; it ought to have gone. But, if, for some reason, it didnít go away that first time, then, repeat the prayer with greater faith application and commitment until it goes away.

After God has healed you, do not forget to appreciate Him; do not be too overwhelmed with joy that you donít remember thanking and praising Christ for His everlasting love towards you, as well as sharing His greatness freely with everyone you can. Donít keep it to yourself! Picture God reminding you: ďI have loved with an everlasting love and so I still maintain my faithful love for youĒ (Jeremiah 31:3). By way of showing that such healing love is just a beginning of His goodness towards you, He says: ďI shall build you once more, yes, you will be rebuiltĒ (Jeremiah 31:4).

When youíve Christ in your heart as Iíve shown above or as youíve experienced via some other personally helpful way, youíre praying constantly, and in a personal manner, also. Doing that has much positive effects.

Finally, remember to continue to express your decision to follow Jesus Christ with greater conviction and commitment in this or similar song: -

Chorus:†† Iíve decided to follow Jesus

††††††††††††††† Iíve decided to follow Jesus

††††††††††††††† Iíve decided to follow Jesus

††††††††††††††† No turning back, no going back!


Verse:†††† Though none goes with me,

†††††††††† †††††Still, Iíll follow.

††††††††††††††† Though none goes with me,

††††††††††††††† Still, Iíll follow.††††††††

††††††††††††††† Though none goes with me,

††††††††††††††† Still, Iíll follow.

††††††††††††††† No turning back, no going back!


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